Start Your Franchise Right

franchise-financingIf you are starting a franchise and wondering how you are going to pull it off, Dream Financial Lending Solutions Financial Group is here to help. Our team of skilled financial experts works to provide you with franchise financing that will assist you in getting your franchise off the ground. Our rates are low and your success is our goal.

Reduce Your Expenses

Here at Dream Financial Lending Solutions we understand that starting a franchise requires similar costs as starting your own original business. Opening your franchise comes with expenses relating to equipment and inventory, real estate, remodels, new construction, refinancing, and acquisitions. We can help take the edge off of your expenses with our financing and loans.

Real Solutions

Franchise and other small business owners face unique financial challenges. Our financing and loan specialists understand the specific needs of franchise owners. They know the ropes of the financial industry and are adept at developing solutions that will help get your franchise started and growing smoothly. First time franchise owners can get financing with low rates. Our program includes:

  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Low rates 6% and up
  • Up to 90% Loan to value (LTV)
  • No penalties for prepayment
  • Short closing times
  • Cash out to use as working capital

Contact Us

Our pre-qualification process is efficient and simple. We understand that your time is precious and we will make every effort to see that your franchise succeeds. Call us today to see if you qualify for franchise financing.