Trusted Lending Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare FinancingAt Dream Financial Lending Solutions, we understand the needs of healthcare industry. We work with physicians, optometrists, veterinarians, chiropractors and other professionals to secure the funds necessary for optimal patient care. We’ll help you secure equipment, expand your office or even consolidate existing debt.

Financing for Working Capital

We offer a general practice loan for up to 72 months. Proceeds can be used for nearly any purpose, and we don’t require upfront payment. Better still, you can borrow without any affect on your personal credit.

Financing for Medical Equipment

Technology plays a major role in modern medicine, and with Dream Financial Lending Solutions, you have no reason to fall behind. Our healthcare financing loans cover up to 50% of the soft costs on new equipment, and we allow for both a lease and a loan.

Financing for Acquisitions

Your practice is only as big as your space. Whether you’re buying in, buying out or considering renovations, our unique expansion loans provide the capital you need to ensure a smooth transition.

Debt Consolidation

Revolving debt is risky for healthcare professionals, but we work with customers to manage existing loans. When you consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment, you spend less time worrying and more time with patients. Call us today for customized plan.